Using Facebook Live for Your Business

Using Facebook Live for Your Business

Live streaming on Facebook Live, a new entry into the world of digital communications, has introduced a host of marketing communications possibilities for small businesses and larger brands alike.

Facebook now allows anyone to live stream nearly anything they wish — and the feature is being put to use. From news organizations hosting regular Facebook Live shows, to everyday users sharing their daily musings, the feature is gaining popularity very quickly.

Kate Harrison, writing in Forbes magazine, says something as new and successful as Facebook Live can be good for your brand if you get on board early, especially as Facebook has a way of changing pricing on their platforms as they grow in popularity.

Stephanie Abrams Cartin and Courtney Spritzer, Co-Founders of Socialfly, a New York based social media and ‘influencer’ marketing agency share their top five reasons for jumping into Facebook Live with both feet — fast.

·      Facebook is home to the largest active digital audience in the world, the duo notes. “Broadcasting live on Facebook allows you to reach your target audience with nothing more than the smartphone in your pocket. Using an iPhone camera is one of the easiest ways to begin broadcasting on Facebook, which makes the feature ideal for small businesses.

·      Video content is king! If your brand isn’t already creating video content for social, it’s behind the times,” Cartin and Spritzer warn. In the world of social media marketing, video was the trend of 2016. Now, with the introduction of live video on Facebook, it’s more important than ever to produce video content if you want to stay relevant and keep up with your competition.

·      Engage with your consumer in real time. Socialfly believes that Facebook Live is one of the easiest ways to connect with your audience. “When your video is live, users can comment on your brand and product/services in real time. This gives you a new way to engage with them on a more immediate and personal level. Users can ask questions in the comments that can be monitored while you’re live.

·      Stand out from the crowd. Because Facebook Live is still a fairly new tool, many brands haven’t yet joined the wave. This can be distinctly to your advantage. Brands that use this new tech solution set themselves apart from their competitors.

·      Giving viewers an incentive to participate can pay off. Giving something back to your viewers for tuning in is a great way to encourage viewership, and get repeat visitors to your brand’s Facebook page. Hosting a giveaway during each of your broadcasts encourages viewers to tune into your streams each time you go live.


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