Start Small and Build a Strong Marketing Program

Start Small and Build a Strong Marketing Program

We hear it all the time.

“I know I need to market my business, but I really don’t where to start.  And how much should I spend?”


Most small business owners aren’t born marketers.  They may be very good at what they do – whether it’s repairing car engines, cleaning an expensive wedding dress or remodeling a worn-out kitchen.  But they may not excel at positioning their company for new business or long-term growth.

Let’s start by admitting that we all struggle with this challenge.  We see other businesses that are constantly in the public eye or the topic of conversation, and we wonder: “How do they do it?”

Develop a Message

Sum up your company services and products in a clear, concise way. Then start communicating it over and over.  On your website.  In social media posts.  In corporate information pieces like brochures and newsletters. Develop a story that resonates with your customer – and tell it often.

Get Started Now

Start simply with doing just a few things to get your message out, and getting people to take interest and start talking.  By developing a disciplined approach and making marketing a priority, you can build on a few simple steps toward a full-fledged marketing effort.

Below are a few common-sense marketing ideas:

•   Make sure your website is current, responsive for mobile viewing and updated with your latest news.

•   Post often on your social media accounts to consistently touch your customer base.

•   Publish a newsletter for customers and prospects (it doesn’t have to be expensive).

•   Produce separate business cards/sales literature for each of your target market segments (for example, government and commercial and/or business and consumer).

•   Using your branding, create a poster, calendar, or post-it notes to give away to customers and prospects.

•   Print a slogan and/or one-sentence description of your business on letterhead, fax cover sheets and invoices.

•   Create a signature file to be used for all your email messages. It should contain contact details, including a link to your website and key information about your company that will make the reader want to contact you.

•   Include testimonials from customers in your marketing content.

•   Purchase a reliable mailing list and start a drip campaign to potential customers.

•   Announce free or special offers on social media and in your direct response pieces. (Direct responses may be direct mail or broadcast email messages.) Include the offer in the beginning of the message as well as on the outside of the envelope for direct mail.


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Your Brand Journey

More than simply logos and font color, an effective brand identity permeates every facet of your company’s messaging – from business cards to websites. Whether you have an established brand or are just beginning your branding journey, Spotlight Creative can help boost your business reputation and return on investment.

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