Two Proven Ideas for Marketing Your Business

Two Proven Ideas for Marketing Your Business

Most business owners understand the importance of getting the word to the marketplace about their products and services, but there two primary constraints to success are knowing what to do and having the financial resources to do it.

In today’s article, we are providing two ideas for marketing your business – both of which are effective and low-cost.  One is generating awareness through local publicity; the second is outreach to new and existing customers through e-mail marketing.

Gaining coverage in local papers, trade magazines and websites can greatly increase name recognition and educate people about your business – driving new customer acquisition.  While many growing businesses in competitive landscapes may want to hire an expensive public relations firm, startups and small businesses can start off with some simple “do-it-yourself” PR.

Writing in Entrepreneur magazine, author Aaron Goodin advises to start by researching publications and writers that cover your industry — or local business.  Once you have a grasp on the writers you want to reach and the stories they typically write for their publication, craft a pitch around your business that will pique their interest.

For example, if you’re in the widget business, explain how your widget business is impacting the local economy — or your industry. Goodin says entrepreneurs and small business owners can also subscribe to Help a Reporter Out. This free service provides queries for upcoming articles — allowing you to contact the writer directly.

Secondly, increase lead generation and customer engagement with email marketing. According to a recent survey conducted by Ascend2, email is the most effective digital marketing tactic, the one that delivers the best ROI and the least difficult to execute. Goodin advises to start a customer newsletter that offers timely information about the business, special promotions or an inside look at the company. This helps build a community with your customers, and it keeps your product and business on their minds.

Services, such as MailChimp, allows small-business owners to send marketing emails, automated messages and targeted campaigns to customers.  If you want to get more personal and send one-on-one messages, use a new free product called Sidekick that automatically notifies you when someone opens an email you sent them.

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